Alexei Burtirskiy, A Room With A View

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Born in Moscow, Russia in 1974, Alexei Butirskiy entered Moscow Art College in 1992.  In 1996 he completed his studies at the Art College and graduated with an Excellence Diploma.  In 1998 he graduated from the Russian Academy of the Arts where he studied under respected professor, L.S. Hasyanova.  He graduated from the Academy with the highest honors attainable.  Alexei currently serves as Professor of Drawing at the same academy. “When I paint, I don‘t just copy from any particular place.  I try to memorize the original impression I had when I was somewhere, and then I recompose it in my head, based on how I feel about it.  After that, I paint.  I think it is very important for an artist to not just copy mechanically from nature.  In that case, the artist could be replaced by a camera. An artist should rather have a goal and then follow it to create the emotional image and a special atmosphere in the painting, and to thereby convey an individual message.  Painting nature with all its many faces is always magnificent.  To me, there is no such thing as bad weather.”