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This stunning, intricate Ketubah was lovingly hand made by an artist in Florence, Italy.    When the newly wed couple brought us this and we unfurled the scroll to reveal the beautiful, bold colors draped in gold with stunning calligraphy, we knew we had to design a frame that is at once timeless while also underscoring tradition - tradition as old as the union of two souls in marriage.  A rustic Oak frame, double filleted on the interior with gold beaded trim, encasing a silk fabric mat, topped with museum glass.  Tradition, timelessness, vows and marriage.  A treasure. "A 'written thing', a message of love, a message of union, these Ketubah(s) we have been fortunate enough to work with are beautifully crafted with fine calligraphy in a tradition that elevates the power of words, of language to heights of testament, testaments of love." Another serene ketubah, with interlocking blue-silver rings of union that we worked on.