Peruvian Skirt

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This lovely skirt comes to us from the artisans of the Shipibo Tribe from Peru.  An amazing piece of fabric, with unmistakably ancient motifs is a pleasure to behold as much as it must be to wear.  We chose a golden fabric mat inside a rustic frame so that the colors stand out, and the focus is on the beautifully woven geometry.  "The Shipibo-Conibo live in the 21st century while keeping one foot in the past, spanning millennia in the Amazonian rainforest. Many of their traditions are still practiced, such asayahuasca shamanism. Shamanistic songs have inspired artistic tradition and decorative designs found in their clothing, pottery, tools and textiles. Some of the urbanized people live around Pucallpa in the Yarina Cocha, an extensive indigenous zone. Most others live in scattered villages over a large area of jungle forest extending from Brazil to Ecuador."