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The preservation of a(n) historical document is at once awe-inspiring and challenging.  We recently had the opportunity to work with two original parchments - one of them from the quill of John Adams, and the other containing the signatures of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.  The brittleness of the manuscripts when combined with their age and historicity makes this a very delicate task, requiring careful handling. To make a showcase piece while creating breathing room to prevent any contact with the front of the parchment, first the back face of the document is affixed to acrylic. Two 4-ply acid mats with a spacer was used next to create the required breathing room.   Another pane of Optium Museum Acrylic glass is used on top of the mats to create the sandwich that will hold the parchment while not making direct contact.  Last but certainly not the least, a gold leaf frame with closed end-corners to finish the job.  An absolute privilege, providing us with great satisfaction and pleasure, one we will cherish a long time.