Pyrenean Mountain Dog

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An antique dog print fit with a rustic frame and bottom weighted mat. "The dog is essential for those who raise animals for wool. It is the guardian of livestock in general but is the natural defender of the sheep and goats. The wolf lurks constantly and we oppose it with the dogs"... "As for its appearance, choose those who are well-trained, large size, with black or red eyes, the nose of the same color, red lips pulling to black, not too collected, nor too pendants"... "It is equally essential that the dogs have strong head, long, floppy ears, wide and short neck, thighs and rights more inwardly turned than out, wide legs, fingers apart, hard nails and bent, spine nor projection nor convex, bushy tail, sonorous voice, good match muzzle and preferably with white hair so that it can be easily distinguished from wild animals at night."